Because Greg understands that leadership is about people not power, people in a wide variety of circumstances – from education to business, from athletics to academia, from church to community -- have been trusting him to lead for nearly 40 years. He has been a team captain, a youth group leader, president of his first-year law school class, a chief operating officer, an adjunct professor, and a chairperson of the board.

Greg is currently influencing people to good outcomes as an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, and a leader of a social movement. However, the influence he enjoys most is with his wife, family, and friends.

Greg believes the following about good leaders and good leadership

. . . good leadership is defined as effectively influencing people to good outcomes

. . . because we all have influence we all have the potential to become good leaders

. . . good leadership flows out of good relationships

. . . good leaders cultivate good leadership in others

. . . good leaders think unlike, they do not imitate others

. . . we become good leaders by developing and following our own personal model of leadership, i.e., leading from our own identity.